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The precedent of Hepco in supplying agricultural machinery in the country has been started from 1378 by supplying 168 Sugar cane harvesters (A7000-Case) for Sugarcane Development and Industry Side co .the product which supplying the newest model (A8000) is started from 1389 for Karun Agro Industry and Haft Tapeh Agro Industry companies.

According the importance of the role of heavy tractors in agricultural Mechanization, Hepco has followed up its activity in this field by Supply and Distribution of more than 1450 NEW HOLLAND heavy tractors. Models were: TM155، TS125، TM7030، T6090 respectively 155, 122, 168, 165 Horse powers.

also considering the importance of exploiting combine with new technologies to reduce waste and costs this company has played an important role in improving conditions of harvest in the country from 1384 to 1391 by supply and distribute more than 400 units Heavy NEW HOLLAND combines.( Models: TC56, TC56H,TC5070 respectively 204,206 and 206 Horse powers).

About Us

In 1389 according to decision of the Board of Hepco, this company established FARTAK Machine co (Ltd) with the purpose of Focusing, Solidarity and specialized the activities of Hepco in the field of production and supply agricultural machinery.

Fartak machine co. officially has started its activity since 1390. Our mission according to conducted researches in agricultural mechanization, existing records and horizons ahead is planning of supply, production, sale and also provide after sales services.

Also in the current year after negotiate with Landini an Italian Company which is member of Argo tractors, Lanpower 135 and Landpower165 tractors of this company (133 and 157 hp) are added to Fartak machine’s products.

More About Us


    Fartak Machine by using unique position of Hepco in Iran and the Middle East In order to meet customers’ needs, is responsible to Manufacture, produce, distribute, and support agricultural machinery by skilled and proficient human resources and managements. So that plays an important role in the implementation of infrastructural projects.


    Participation in the development of economic infrastructure in agriculture.


    Having the highest market share in all areas of the activity and presence in markets outside of the Iran

  • Fundamental values

    Transparency and providing true information to stakeholders
    Balanced respect and preserve the rights of all stakeholders


    Suprior Technology, Safe Investment.